• Our Team

  • John M. Lajoie, CLI, CCDI, BCPI, President and Lead Investigator


    John M. Lajoie is the founder and rainmaker at Lajoie Investigations, Inc. (LII) and is known throughout the country for his eye popping skill and experience as a Certified Legal Investigator, and for his dedication to the field of professional private investigation. Lajoie has turned the one-man operation he began in 1989 into one of the largest investigative firms in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. John is a board certified legal investigator, a board certified criminal defense investigator, and a board certified professional investigator. His case experience has ranged from high-profile homicides to simple auto accidents, and his client base from the rich and famous to the homeless and indigent.

    John is a member of many national and international professional investigator organizations and is frequently recognized by these groups for his outstanding work and contributions to the investigative profession and the community. John is a member of the prestigious BCPI certification board of the United States Association of Professional Investigators (USAPI) headquartered in Washington, DC, is a past president of the Licensed Private Detectives Association of Massachusetts (LPDAM), and has served four terms as the Northeast Regional Director for the National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI). John was the Certified Legal Investigator (CLI) chairperson for NALI’s prestigious CLI program for 4 terms (go to www.nalionline.org for more information). John currently serves as a member of NALI’s CLI committee. He has served many state and national associations in numerous capacities. In October of 2002, Mr. Lajoie was recognized nationwide as the National Investigator of the Year as conferred by the National Association of Investigative Specialists, based in Austin, TX. That same year, he was a finalist for the International Investigator of the Year. Lajoie, an award winning author, has produced numerous publications; and in August of 2005, Authorhouse published his critically acclaimed non-fiction book, Trials and Tribulations of a Real Life Private Eye, a writing of open and honest dialogue about the realities of private investigation told through experience, anecdotes, and true stories. Trials and Tribulations has been released in both softback and hardback editions.

    Mr. Lajoie’s intuition, investigative acumen, knowledge base, worldwide contacts, dedication to client, and incredible work ethic has earned him the sterling reputation as one of the most successful and effective contemporary private investigators in the United States. Respected and renown criminal defense attorney Peter L. Ettenberg wrote what follows to Lajoie after a high profile homicide investigation and trial in which Lajoie was the lead defense investigator:

    “You never gave up.  You never got discouraged.  If a roadblock appeared, you found a way around it.  You took a great load of my mind by not having to think of everything.  We’re a pretty good team together and I’m grateful for that.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your thoughtful analysis of issues dealing with the investigation and how it all ties together.  You clearly are a great PI!!”

    Lajoie was born and raised in Worcester, Massachusetts and now lives in central Massachusetts. He is intelligent, street smart, and has a keen & witty sense of humor. There is no question that Mr. Lajoie is dedicated to the profession in a way not many can emulate. Click here to view Mr. Lajoie’s current curriculum vitae.

    Susan J. Lajoie (Director/Senior Inside Investigator)


    Susan Lajoie, a Director, a Sr. Investigator, and the Office Manager at LII, is an extremely experienced investigative case file manager and administrative professional. Mrs. Lajoie also conducts numerous inside investigations, preliminary investigations on surveillances, background & due diligence investigations, financial & asset checks, locate investigations, SMI & e-Discovery research, and a host of other critical responsibilities. Susan is an expert computer database information retriever and provides all preliminary information on numerous types of investigations. Mrs. Lajoie has a knack for locating individuals, witnesses, claimants, insureds, and generally anybody she is requested to find. Susan’s expertise and end results on locate and missing person investigation is legendary; there are few missing people she can’t find.  And Susan’s preliminary investigation of field surveillance assignments is so detail oriented, our outside surveillance investigators marvel at her competence and find their successes are directly linked to her investigative acumen.  Her report management style has been complimented on by many clients. Susan has appeared in local, regional, and national news media in recognition of her knowledge in the profession.

    Susan Lajoie is also Accounts and Finance Manager for LII and is well known for her telephone manner and skills when communicating with just about anyone, especially the clients. She has been praised for her soft touch concerning accounts and client financial management and is responsible for maintaining superior customer relations with all existing clients.  And she does it with class and integrity.  Susan’s caring nature and her gregarious character make her a favorite at LII. Clients, administrators, vendors, and our investigators consider Susan Lajoie the pulse of Lajoie Investigations, Inc.

    Jessica Gearin (Senior Field Investigator)


    Jessica Gearin came to work for LII in 2003 and to say that she has made a substantial impact with clients and her fellow employees would be an understatement. Level headed and extremely affable, Jessica is a top of the line investigator with over fifteen years of investigative experience. She came to LII from another agency and has been producing great results ever since. In addition to investigating complicated death incidents, criminal defense cases, and sensitive corporate due diligence matters, Jessica’s forte’ is SIU and coverage & liability insurance investigation in the Boston metro, Lowell, Lawrence, Brockton, New Bedford, and Fall River districts, tough areas known for insurance fraud. Ms. Gearin’s matter of fact professional style and wide smile compliment her investigative talents in such a way that even a critical adversary ends up liking her. And the clients love her, as well as the effective results of her investigations that are documented in her superb reporting style. Intelligent and street smart, Jess has a great sense of duty and responsibility to the client and to LII; and her investigation case results are reflective of that duty. Originally from Connecticut, Jessica lives in Massachusetts and is a member of a number of professional associations.

    We have other administrative and surveillance investigators working at LII but due to the nature of the work, our dedication to client confidentiality, and the fact that revealing their names might compromise our investigations, we choose not to name these experienced and integral team members and respectfully request that you grant us your pardon.